Well, it looks like we’ve reached the end of the class and it is time to share my overall opinions on it. When I had first signed up for this class, I really did not know what I was getting myself into. Honestly, I thought that the UNHO on the twins would have been more fun. However, now that I  have been though has had to offer, I do have to say that I am “thinking for myself” and am having fun doing it.

My favorite part of the class has to be how we are all able to share our opinions in a judgement free zone. Never was I afraid to explain my stance and opinion on any of the subjects we discussed. In addition to this, I very much enjoyed listening to others’ opinions in a relaxed environment. This is quite different from the real world where so many others are trying to force their opinions on to everyone else.

Overall, the entire class was fun and enjoyable and perfect for a freshman who has entered the world that is college. I would definitely recommend it to others who ask me about it. I also wanted to thank Dr. Golden for doing such a great job with the class. Keep doing what you are doing!


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