Okay, this is practically the third time that I have tried to write this post. Political correctness is just so annoying as a concept! I mean, it’s a good concept-yes, we should all do our best to not discriminate or marginalize other groups of people, but we need to learn the interactions around it.

Here in the United States of America, we strive to be as politically correct as possible. However, I find this IMPOSSIBLE. I get it, its hard to be correct 100% of the time. I mean, if I were correct 100% of the time, I would not be failing half of my classes right now.

In my opinion, it is alright to be politically incorrect (at times). If you don’t know what the “politically correct” terminology, it is alright. Just ask someone what they think. However, realize that the definition that they give you may not be the same as what others will respond with. Political correctness is literally my most problematic fav because it can be so opinionated and, much like precipitation to drivers here in Tennessee, no one knows how to handle it! Anytime I have spoken with someone who is incorrect, I politely correct them and we discuss it, and then we move on. I *politely* inform them of what they were saying incorrectly, and they learn something new to apply to the future. See the key word? POLITELY! I understand that my technique with dealing with politically incorrect people is a new concept. I know this because I too am politically incorrect sometimes- and though I am sorry for that, I simply just (1) do not know your stance on the politically correct terminology or (2) am just uneducated on the subject. Going back to what I was saying, this means that I have had to deal with many who choose to overreact on my political incorrectness! Ahhh!! Nothing makes me more angry than people who overreact to politically incorrect people, if those incorrect people are trying their best to be correct. (However, if those people are being incorrect on purpose, the people who are overreacting have every right to do so.) If we could all just learn to not be jerks about correcting people or being corrected, we can get along just fine.

Okay, so,  I hope you’ve managed to keep up with my opinion. It’s just that there are so many loopholes with political correctness, so over qualification is necessary to define it. This next little bit stems from me being the only person of color and the only brown person in the class. Did you notice something missing on what I just called myself? “Asian American?” Some would say that it is politically incorrect of me to not call myself that, but in my opinion, that is completely wrong. I am not “Asian American” because I was not born in Asia. I’m an American, I mean, I was born here… in America… It is not often you will see me agree with Raven Symone on something, because that girl says some dumb [insert your choice of word here]- like everything on “Watermellondramana”; like how much internalized racism do you have to; never mind; if you are confused about what I am talking about, here you go: http://www.billboard.com/articles/news/6722899/raven-symone-ghetto-name-the-view-video – but she definitely got this one right. People born here, in America, are Americans. (The only problem with this thinking is that for some reason people think that “American” refers only to white people- which is dumb). So, if someone asks me “What are you?” (A question that I HATE because why the [insert you choice of word here] does it matter and what are you exactly asking for- my ethnicity…? my nationality…? my gender…?) I’m going to tell you that I am American.

So, yeah, that was a wild ride. In short, do your best to be correct, and its okay to be incorrect. Just call people what they want to be called (unless it’s just too incredibly ridiculous)… And don’t be a jerk about it when someone corrects you, or when you are correcting someone else.


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