Just like dogs are “human’s best friend” I am all animals’ best friend. In other words, I love animals. (Well, except for birds that decide to scream- chirp their heads off- in the morning.) Despite birds and their ignoring quirks, I still disagree with animal testing. In my opinion, if we are afraid to test it on humans, we should  not test it on animals. Yes, I do realize that it could potentially help humans, but frankly, I find animal testing inhumane.

My parents always taught me to treat others as I would treat myself. Extending that to animals, organisms that can feel pain and process happiness (dogs seeing their owners actually get a rush of dopamine) deserve to be treated well. If we do not feel comfortable with applying testing to humans, we should not apply them to animals. I mean, testing on animals is no longer necessary and they are not the best subjects to test on in general. With in vitro (in glass) testing, such as studying cell cultures in a petri dish, can produce more relevant results than animal testing because human cells can be used. In addition to this, animals that are not human obviously have a different genetic make up- making them bad subjects to test on. For example, aspirin was almost not allowed for humans because of the sickness they caused in animals. In addition to this, thalidomide, a drug that was supposed to treat morning sickness, passed animal testing but then caused awful birth defects in children born to mothers who took it.

On top of this, if a drug passes animal testing, humans still have to be tested before it is released to the pubic. If this is the case, why even test on animals? Humans signing up for the testing should know what they are getting into. Testing on animals is just a waste of money. If we chose to test on humans, we would immediately know the effects new drugs have on humans, without the costs of the upkeep of animals.

Animal testing should not be allowed to continue. However, knowing the world we live in today, I know that this probably will not happen for awhile. If I cannot ask for the end of animal testing, I ask for a better quality of life for the animals being testing on. They deserve to be treated better than most of them are now.

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