As my friend puts it, “On the race to zero, my bank account has my GPA beat.” College is expensive, especially if you plan on going to a a four year institution. Here in America, we are trying to achieve the American dream: prosperity, success, and upward social mobility for our family. How are all of these “ideals” defined today? By having a successful, well paying job (or by previously being rich). Now, how does one get a job like that? They go to college, of course! What if they can not pay? They just work, or, well, they take out a loan; just a little something that they will have to pay off for a significant amount of time. Wait, what if they do not need to go to a 4 year institution for the job they want? What if they just need like a 2 year education? They still have to pay, and in today’s America, most can not get as good as an education at a 2 year college than at a 4 year university.

Put simply, I think that community college should be free. I know that some of the cons include: possibly higher taxes, paying for people who possibly do not want to be at a college, and the devaluation of the “competitiveness” for college, but, in my opinion, the pros out weigh the cons. First off, the standard for being a recipient of free community college is harder than what is required for the Pell Grant, meaning that those who want to go to community college for free actually have to work harder than those going to a 4 year institute. In addition to this, anyone who ever needed a two year degree could get one, and those who are ill prepared for a 4 year university could become better equipped and transfer at the end of the two years. Also, with “an estimated 35 percent of job openings requir[ing] at least a bachelor’s degree and 30 percent requir[ing] some college or an associate’s degree” by 2020, America will become better prepared for the future. Any policy trying to be passed by Congress or the President will have pros and cons, however, if the pros outweigh the cons significantly, are the cons really that bad?

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