I am very apathetic to the whole drinking age topic. I think that the choice to drink is a personal matter and even if the age limit increased or decreased, people who are “not of age” will still find a way to drink. I think my thoughts towards the topic come from how I see the world. Let me back up a little… No, I do not drink, nor have I ever, nor do I plan to until the age of 21 (long story short- I made a promise to myself when I was younger that I would be a lawful citizen). Back to how I see the world; in today’s world, we “become” an adult at the age of 18. Legally, we can vote, we can move out of our parents’ house, we can get married, and we no longer have a curfew. We also should have our entire lives planned out for ourselves (most enter college by the age of 18 and society tells us that we need to have a plan for our entire lives- I mean, we are going to spend the next four/five years studying for what we want to do with our lives). We can also, speed up our aging process and destroy our lungs while getting addicted to a drug. Sound familiar? Smoking! We can legally buy tobacco at the age of 18. If we can legally make the decision to smoke and should already be making “adult” decisions (i.e. career plans), why should we not have the choice to alcohol (and by extension, marijuana)?

Raising the age limit is another story. Yes, I know that one’s frontal lobes are not fully developed until the age of 25 and that underage drinking is linked with future brain problems, but until someone shows me that other choices we can make by the age of 18 have an increased age limit, I simply will not listen to anyone’s argument. Go ahead and try to raise the age limit; you are not going to stop any of the current legal drinkers from drinking, nor are you going to stop any of the under-age drinkers.

In my opinion, drinking is a personal matter; if you want to drink, you are going to, and if not, then you will not. Whether or not someone increases or decreases the age limit is not going to make any difference. However, if someone does decrease it, they would be making illegal actions legal, and if someone increased it, they would just have angry people on their hands.


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