“Gun Control” is our next big topic. I am going to start this post with informing everyone that I do not care if you own a gun. I am not trying to infringe on your right to own one. I just think that we need some stricter laws around owning guns. This is a very loose use of the word stricter. All I am asking for is for people who want to buy a gun to (1) pass an universally (federally mandated) background check, (2) be formally trained in weapon use, and (3) pass a psychological evaluation.

In my opinion, if you want a gun, you cannot be a convicted felon, you cannot be a danger to society (determined by a psychiatrist), and you cannot not register your gun. Though it may take longer to purchase a gun, at least the public would be able feel a little safer knowing that the guns sold are going to people who can handle the responsibility of owning  one. In addition to this, with less guns available to the public, the amount of guns available to criminals would decrease. (This is correlated with the 1.4 million guns that were stolen between 2005 and 2010 by criminals out of US homes.) Also, studies have shown that with increased gun control, gun homicide and suicide rates drop. This data was obtained by looking at the rates in Switzerland and Finland, two areas with stricter gun control laws than the United States. I also request formal weapons training because with the training, the less likely someone is going accidentally shoot themselves or someone else.

Personally, I just do not want anymore mass shootings. If we, as a society, can prevent possible deaths, then why do we not do it? With stricter laws, we can ensure that the pubic is safer from itself. I mean, its not like we do not have a standing army so the public needs to be trained on how to use weapons (Switzerland). In conclusion, I think that gun control should be standardized across all states and should be restricted to where only people who can handle the responsibility of owning one can have one.

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