The first day of class started as any normal class would; each student arrived early and sat in what developed to be an awkward silence. As time continued, the silence was slowly broken as more and more conversations started. Looking around the room, I realized that I actually knew some of the other students in the class. I, however, did not engage in conversation because I discovered that I had forgotten most of their names… Personally, I was ready for the class to begin. I was excited to “think for myself” and debate against those who thought differently. My naive mind thought that we were going to start the class off with a simple debate over non-controversial material. However, my preconceived assumptions were destroyed when Professor Golden explained that our first topic would be over the rebel flag.

In my opinion, the rebel flag is a symbol of hate and treason. However, my stance on the flag is that it does not on belong on state buildings. If it is shown in public by citizens of then that is simply freedom of speech. By allowing the rebel flag to remain on official state buildings, the federal government is allowing open displays of treason. The federal government is also allowing the states who display the Confederate flag to show that they are aligned with institutionalized slavery of an entire race. I do not agree with displays of the Confederate flag in general, however I know that freedom of speech is a large part of the United States of America. I hope as I do more research, I will be able to defend my position better during the debate.

In my next post, I plan to write about the how well my research went, the outcome of the debate, and my opinions on our new topic.

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